Your new
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Bringing air charter payments together.

Your new
comfort zone

Bringing air charter payments together.


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Your gateway to more comfortable business

Trying to follow the progress of aviation payments on multiple platforms. It’s an everyday stress for many finance departments worldwide. That’s why Avinode Group created Paynode. The only payment platform designed exclusively for the air charter industry is fast and secure, using one simple workflow to request, track and secure payments worldwide.

Sure it’s not always easy to change habits when everyone’s used to that old familiar way. Yet we’re sure you and your organization will find the Paynode way more profitable for the long haul.

Welcome to your new comfort zone.

This is Paynode

By card, wire or instant payment, you can close deals more securely than ever. Everything is taken care of in one easy workflow. Saving you time, money and stress in the process.

Bring your air charter
payments together.

Wire transfers

  • Named online Paynode accounts in multiple currencies
  • Manage FX seamlessly between your accounts
  • Easy reconciliation with dedicated air charter accounts
  • Accept payments through ACH, Swift or other local payment methods

Instant payments

  • Free yourself of conventional banking timeframes
  • Each payment is linked to a trip in Avinode
  • Partner up with other members of the network
  • Send and receive funds to other Paynode members in a split second – 24/7/365

Card processing

  • Process built to minimize fraud, risk and friction
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • No subscription fees or minimum commitments
  • Better visibility of card fees and transparent payment tracking

FX conversions

  • Easier FX conversions between your currency accounts
  • No transaction fee, and transparent and competitive rates
  • Easily manage the access rights for your organisation
  • Instant notifications means better visibility of available funds


No. 1

In what way is Paynode faster than traditional banking?

If you’re doing business with another Paynode member, you can make instant payments between your accounts in a split second and 24/7/365.

With your own Paynode currency accounts, you can accept payments in local currencies and use local payment methods such as SEPA, UK Faster Payments, ACH and Fedwire which is much faster than doing international bank transfers.

All you need to do is update your wire instructions on your invoices to your Paynode details.

No. 2

Can I make payments in any currency?

When setting up your Paynode access, you will automatically get three currency accounts in your name in GBP, EUR and USD. You can then add up to 40 more accounts for the currencies that you need, and manage conversions between any of these accounts as you wish.

No. 3

How does Paynode keep us notified about where the money is?

Paynode sends automatic notifications by email to both parties when a payment has been received. In the Paynode platform you can also easily see the current status of your ongoing payments.

No. 4

Is Paynode available to air charter professionals in any part of the world?

Paynode is limited to certain countries where we can ensure that our payment solution delivers payment capabilities that meet the standards required by our industry. Together with our partners, we are constantly working on expanding the capabilities of our platform to more regions with the same solid functionality and capabilities.

No. 5

Can I control who gets to do what within my organisation?

Paynode gives you flexible access rights for each user. For example – you can allow certain individuals to send payment requests but limit their access to your Account Console to control your balances and currency conversions.

Learn more about our user permissions

Pay anyone, anywhere, any way

Credit cards. Wire transfers. Instant global payments between Avinode members. You choose the payment method that suits you and your organization.

Global accounts, local rates

You can accept payments locally thanks to online accounts in different currencies, taking advantage of local exchange rates.

Instant peace of mind

An instant notification on receipt of payment means everyone involved can relax, knowing exactly where the money is 24/7.

Get started today

Paynode is free for your organization to sign up for and it’s fast and simple to get started. With no hidden fees when you’re up and running.